Great Food and Good Times

What might seem to be an odd couple by some in reality brings unique talents and experience to the newest “hot spot” in dining and entertainment pleasure to the City of Newberry. Pat Post a life long resident of the area and Rocky Voglio a native of Brooklyn, NY have combined their talents to create the Woodyard Grill. Highly popular and very successful in its first year Illustrates the combination of talents are just what the local patrons wanted for their go to place for good meals and lots of fun with their friends and families.

Pat Post, the owner and CEO of Southern Fuelwood, has been producing quality-cooking woods for the restaurant trade in the southeast for over 35 years. Rocky Voglio has years of experience managing local barbecue restaurants and perfecting his own version of classic southern dishes.

All of the smoking and grilling of meats is done with Southern Fuelwood produced wood and charcoal.

All of the smoking and grilling of meats is done with Southern Fuelwood produced wood and charcoal.

Maintaining their belief that great food comes from using the best quality ingredients and tried and true cooking methods has been at the core of Pat and Rocky’s development of the Woodyard Grill’s menu. Preparing the food using techniques like “low and slow” cooking with the best local hardwoods from Southern Fuelwood [View Website »] in state of the art smokers is key. Sauces, rubs and marinades developed through years of experience bring incredible flavors to those choice cuts of meat, poultry and fish. Add those sides and deserts like mama cooked completes a very satisfying dining experience. And, a great meal needs to be complimented with your beverage of choice. So, Pat and Rocky added two full service bar areas with a complete list of beers, wines and mixed drinks.

However, great dining was not their only objective. The Woodyard Grill also had to provide an entertaining experience. Local bands, Karaoke and family friendly entertainment like Trivia night were created to round out the experience.

Understanding that every visit by their patrons requires a continuation of the highest standards Rocky and Pat have assembled and trained their staff to make sure every experience is enjoyable and an incentive to come back for more good times at the Woodyard Grill.